Abe Jacobs Insurance Agency provides personalized Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Commercial Insurance, and much more.

Since 1983, Abe Jacobs Insurance Agency has been providing insurance services in Texas with solid, sensible risk management solutions. We are brokers to several established companies ensuring to get competitive rates to match your needs.


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Insurance companies provide you aid and financial assistance when the time comes. The next moment is uncertain and anything can go wrong. At such moments you realize the importance of having an insurance policy. Abe Insurance Agency is home to all your insurance needs, whether it is home, commercial, auto, or flood insurance. Give us a call or fill the form so that we can contact you. We cover the entire state of Texas.

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We offer a variety of insurance plans to choose from. Take a pick or personalize your plan according to your needs. We have been serving our customers for almost 30-years with complete dedication and delivering exceptional services across Texas. Whether you need insurance for your home, office, and auto or want to get your home flood insured, you can trust us for all insurance coverage.

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