Things you should know before getting full coverage auto insurance in Texas

Riding your vehicle is both fun and a necessity. Your daily activities are entirely dependent on them. But, while you are riding on the road, you may face some uncertain mishap or an accident that can leave you with physical and financial trauma. So, to minimize your loss from such uncertainties, you should consider opting for full coverage auto insurance in Texas. Let's discuss various types of insurance covers so that you can choose the one appropriate to you.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

There is a myriad of cheap motorcycle insurance policies in the market but, you have to choose wisely which policy works for you after analyzing all the available options. Let's have a look at various alternatives for full coverage auto insurance in Texas.

Liability insurance : This cheap motorcycle insurance covers the damages and injuries caused by you to another party. Let's try to simplify it with an example if you meet with an accident, and the other person gets hurt, or his vehicle gets damaged. In such cases, liability insurance will let you pay for the medical bills of the injured person, compensation expenses of the damaged property, and also, the legal charges in case you are sued for the damage caused. Liability insurance can help you at this moment when you may need instant finance to pay for the damages caused to other persons' property or life.

When you buy liability insurance, you will come across three numbers of which you should be aware. For instance, let's create them like 25/10/25 and, here in this format the first no. indicates $25,000 which is earmarked to meet the medical expenses of the injured persons, the second $10,000 is used to pay for the legal expenses of you get sued for causing injury or damage during an accident, the third number $25,000 will meet the expenses to pay for the damaged property to the other party. It is good to be optimistic that you will not encounter such a situation in your life but, if unfortunately, it crosses you somewhere in life then, you will end up losing your bank balances to compensate for the losses done to another party.

Guest passenger liability : This insurance is a subpart of Texas, and will help the insured party get the advantage. Suppose the same example of meeting an accident. But here, you are not responsible for the accident but, you get injuries or damage to your property. Here, cheap motorcycle insurance will save you from the sudden burst of expenses on your head and pay for the medical bills of yourself and your passengers. Guest passenger liability can be covered under the full coverage auto insurance in Texas, or separately. Ask your service provider to clarify if it gets included in your insurance package.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage : This cheap motorcycle insurance is almost similar to the guest passenger liability, where you are not at fault during an accident. But, the other party to the accident has availed full coverage auto insurance in Texas but not sufficient to pay for your medical costs. In such a case, this cheap motorcycle insurance cover pays all of your hospital bills and helps you get rid of making hefty payments.

Medpay or Medical payments : This type of insurance policy understands that an error to humans and to insure is too divine. Here it doesn't matter if you are at a default of causing an accident, it will provide you with insurance coverage to pay for your, and you follow passenger's medical bills. It includes ambulance expenses, hospital bills, nursing services, prescriptions, or any other medical expenses.

Personal injury protection (PIP) : You will find a thin line of difference between PIP and Medpay. PIP is almost similar to Medpay but, it provides you with a broader range of coverage. Like Medpay, it doesn't matter to PIP if you are at default party to the accident. Apart from covering your medical bill, it will also cover the financial loss due to your inability to work and also the replacement services for the daily chores like house cleaning that you can't do. 

Collision insurance : Collision insurance will pay for the repairs if your motorcycle gets hit by some other car, tree, or any other vehicle. Here, collision insurance will cover only the repair expenses of your vehicle, regardless of the damages caused to the other party to the mishap. For another party repairs, liability insurance will be both your friend in need and indeed. You will encounter the word deductibles in collision insurance which you have to pay out of your pocket.


There is no doubt that insurance safeguards you from the probable losses due to uncertainties n life. In your tough times, these policies will provide you with a helping hand to come out of the distressing situation in your life.


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